Planning A Cruise? Avoid Forgetting About These

25 March 2019
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Vacation planning can be exciting, but without proper understanding and research, vacation planning can be stressful. Many people love the idea of a vacation that is somewhat all-inclusive, so there is less work or effort needed once your vacation begins. However, cruises are not necessarily the all-inclusive vacation you may think it is. Therefore, proper planning is even more important. If you are in the process of planning your cruise, here are a few things you should not forget. Read More …

How Technological Advances Improve Transportation Brokerage Services

14 January 2019
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Transportation brokerage services are becoming more efficient and affordable as a result of new innovations in payment processing and other technological innovations. Because your shipments can't wait, it's important to work with a transportation brokerage service that uses the latest technology.  The Role of Freight Brokers Freight brokers are responsible for paying carriers. They first pay for fuel advances and then make a payment at the end after everything has been settled. Read More …